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How Senior Software Engineers Handle NullPointer Exceptions

In software development, encountering a NullPointerException (NPE) is a common issue, often arising from attempting to use an object reference that hasn't been initialized. Our goal is to find ways to handle potential nulls in a more controlled or graceful manner. This article shares some best practices to proactively avoid or manage NPEs more effectively.

Foreign-memory access API: Performance off the heap

The Foreign-Memory Access API, introduced in Java 14+, significantly improves how developers work with memory outside the Java heap, offering a better alternative to the complex and error-prone Java Native Interface (JNI).

Java Record - No more boilerplate codes, in the Java way

Java introduced the Record keyword in JDK 14, simplifying how developers handle immutable data. This feature reduces the need to write boilerplate code in data carrier classes. This feature is commonly believed not just a mere addition, but more of a paradigm shift in how we handle immutable data in

Helpful NullPointerExceptions Information, from the JDK

It's a new feature that provides more informative detail messages for NullPointerExceptions, which can help developers identify the cause of the exception and fix the bug. It was introduced as a JVM option in Java 14 and became the default behavior in Java 15.

Introduction to the new Vector API

The Vector API in Java, first introduced as an incubator module in Java 16, through Java 21, represents a pivotal enhancement aimed at optimizing the performance of computation-intensive operations through the utilization of SIMD instructions.

Cookbook: How to Effectively Revert a Git Commit

As a software engineer, encountering situations where recent changes need to be undone is not uncommon. It may be due to errors, or in some cases just need a significant rework. When such scenarios arise while using Git as your version control system, there’s a few approaches that can help revert those changes effectively. Let’s take a closer look.