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How Garbage Collection works?

Garbage collectors (GC) is essential for understanding how programming languages that use automatic memory management, such as Java, Python, and .NET languages, manage memory. In this post, let’s have a closer look at the inside of garbage collector, how it works, and the important features that every software engineer should be aware.

Java 14: Enhanced Switch Expressions

In Java 12 or later, we all should leverage the Enhanced Switch Statements, a feature that simplifies the traditional switch syntax, allowing developers to write more concise, readable, and maintainable code.

Java 17: Introducing the Sealed Classes

This article introduces the sealed classes in Java 17, discussing its syntax, benefits, and with some real-world applications.

Java: String Block

In this session, we will delve into the new String Block feature, explore its benefits, and work through some code examples. Additionally, we will compare Java’s implementation with similar features in other programming languages.

Java: Scoped Values

Scoped Values provides a secure way of sharing data within and across threads, that was introduced as part of JEP 429, to solve a common challenge in concurrent programming. Scoped Values are Java's approach to providing a simple, immutable, and inheritable mechanism for data sharing. In the realm

Stop Newing a Random - Introducing Java's Improved RandomGenerator

In this tutorial, we'll explore the new RandomGenerator interface, examine its real-world applications, compare it to prior Java versions, and draw conclusions about its potential impact.
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