Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Meet Google VIDs: AI-powered video generation

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In the heated battlefields of AI in 2024, Google just introduced a new app that’s going to make creating videos a breeze. It’s called Google Vids. According to the announcement at Google Cloud Next ‘24, you can write a script, film your parts, and edit everything together without having to download a bunch of different programs. The app will basically allow creating a whole video editing studio right in your browser, and offer great flexibility for collaborations when available in Workspace Labs this June.

Why do we care?

AI-powered video generation tools are getting a lot of attention these days, from Augie and Descript, to Harper, Runway, to Sora. But we are still delighted to see Google’s offering. Here are the reasons.

Focus on User-friendliness

Google Vids seems to be taking a user-centric approach. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Google Workspace suite, Vids aims to empower anyone, regardless of video editing experience, to create professional-looking content. We need more evidence when the app finally launches, but from what we know, its focus on ease of use sets it apart from some competitors, who have a steeper learning curve due to their emphasis on customization and unique visual effects.

Integration with Existing Workflows

We are delighted to see that Google Vids is focusing on repurposing content you already have by leveraging the power of Google Workspace. Imagine pulling marketing copy from Docs, Sheets, Slides, or images from Drive to instantly generate a video. This close loop with existing tools could be a game-changer for businesses already heavily invested in the Google ecosystem.

Google VIDs - pandaron.com
Google VIDs - pandaron.com

Beyond Text-to-Video

Rather than being another prompt-driven AI text-to-video offering in the market, what we would like to see from Google is the possibility that Vids might extend beyond just that. That could mean potentially incorporating other elements like existing content or user-uploaded assets, where creators could offer a broader range of creative options.

The Future of AI Video Creation

We have yet to see how much AI-powered video generation will boost impressive visual quality. But what we know Google Vids is NOT is that it does not eliminate the need to use more powerful solutions in video creation, such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. The emergence of Google Vids and others signifies a significant leap forward in AI-powered video creation. As the technologies are getting mature, we would expect to see a wider range of creative functionalities, more intuitive interfaces, and more powerful rendering capabilities. We would also like to see better democratization of video production, with more businesses and individuals empowered by AI technologies, and eventually making it more accessible to everyone. We know there’s a long journey towards that end. So, stay tuned!

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